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WhatsApp Messenger review

Since its introduction in 2009, WhatsApp became even more popular than traditional SMS texting. You probably already have it, and even update the app automatically. But, just to keep my conscience clear, I googled WhatsApp review and found out that the first page still displays reviews from 2016 and even 2014. Time has changed a lot, so let’s recheck in this WhatsApp review.

Design and Usability 10/10

It’s the default, refined by years of usage and feedback from billions. Its interface is similar to that of most phone apps preinstalled by vendors (and even those I remember from the pre-smartphone era). There is a tab for statuses (though I mostly ignore it, it may be useful to tell everyone something urgent), tabs for calls and chats, a camera tab (for more than just selfies), and the Settings tab.

You’ve seen it more than a couple of times; being familiar, this interface works perfectly. Changes from updates bring no dramatic appearance redesigns. They are rather added to certain menus in certain places, so you get used to them seamlessly. 

Key Functions 10/10

It’s a phone app in its own right, using the Internet for sending text messages, making voice and video calls, both private and group ones. Along with this core, WhatsApp is constantly adding more features. Sending and opening documents, formatting messages with tags, watching videos from YouTube in a windowed mode, scanning QRs, and so on – that’s just a little of what it’s capable of.

It forms its contact list upon your phone book, checking the numbers and detecting other WhatsApp users. You only need to receive an SMS and to enter the code from it to confirm your number. After that, you can block certain contacts or add them to Favorites.

It would be interesting to have stories in it. But the developers must have decided that it’s enough to have them on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. I thank them a lot: sometimes I feel tired of realizing that this particular story has been already watched with another app.

Security & App Purchases 8/10

WhatsApp is considered one of the trust worthiest messengers. It features both your account protection with two-step authentication and data encryption, so your messages can only be decrypted by the recipient. The only thing it lacked is forced logout.

The app used to be paid, though cheap. Now, owned by Facebook, it’s completely free for ordinary users. It shows no ads either. The most obvious way it’s monetized is business accounts that business owners can subscribe to, with features like business profiles, automatic replies, and so on. I was once deep in it when wishing to start my flower shop; I didn’t, but with WhatsApp it seems so easy.


WhatsApp is a #1 messenger now, and there are few reasons to prefer something else. Well, Facebook, in case you don’t want your number exposed. And imo, if you often speak to someone from countries where other messengers are banned. But WhatsApp covers the rest of your needs and does it greatly.


  • Banned in some countries
  • No forced logout


  • Completely free for overseas calls and texting
  • Works well even on 3G
  • Forms your contact list automatically
  • Lets you send and receive various data
  • Well protected

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 8

Security 10

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