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Tubi TV - Free Movies & TV review

Tubi TV is a mobile app for accessing the best films and streaming television broadcasts.

You’ll find a wide range of interesting high-quality films and series of all genres and watch them for free any time you like. Tubi was founded in 2014 in the U.S. and gained more than 20 million users who spend over 150 million hours per month watching it.


The app is compatible with mobiles, tablets, PCs, TVs, PS4, and Xbox One, so you can view the content on the big screen. You needn’t sign up and add your email or other details. Just download the app and enjoy exciting videos.

  • Enjoy thousands of TV series and movies.
  • Find information on actors and genres you like.
  • There’s something for everyone: from westerns and horrors to science fiction and cartoons.
  • Build your queue.
  • Adjust video quality to save traffic or speed up downloads.
  • On the A&A television library, you can find lots of TV series including the old ones from the 1980s like the Apprentice with Donald Trump or Alf.


The app is pretty simple to navigate, it’ll take you just a minute to get used to the menu. On the main page, you can see various categories of content to choose from. It includes Popular, Genres, Collections, and Channels. The search bar will help you to find a movie quickly so you needn’t scroll the page down. The app also features the Leaving Soon option to get the last chance to watch an old TV program or a movie before it goes away.


The dark tones of the app’s design look stylish and don’t distract users. The laconic icons are located at the bottom of the page. You’ll also find brief information about a film (details, director, and cast). Using a Share button, you can share what you are watching with your friends through social networks. The layout of the films is similar to a standard streaming website. Note that the app lacks 4K HD, Full HD, and subtitles.


Although you’ll hardly find the newest content here, you can enjoy thousands of interesting films from main content producers. You needn’t sign up or pay for watching it. It’s also a nice app for lovers of old TV shows.



  • The ads run during a film and at the start of it. You can see more than 10 commercials in one movie
  • The original content is not available
  • Mostly dated films and TV series
  • No live sports events


  • No subscription fees
  • Intuitive app with easy navigation
  • Web streaming

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 7

Security 9

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