Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor review

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer horror game based on social interactions and smart use of different skills and disguises. Download Secret Neighbor to join a party of six kids trying to get into their creepy neighbor's house and rescue their little friend.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

The visual style of this game is simply great: it remains very detailed and solid without getting too realistic, retaining a unique atmosphere of quirky horror adventure. The models are a bit crude, and the textures are slightly primitive, but that helps you stay focused on your task and suits the overall feeling of the Secret Neighbor universe very well.

The house of the creepy neighbor is very detailed, and there are lots of small details that you can explore. The sound effects are a perfect match to all those visual features, making the suspense even more intense. And the shadows and lighting effects are simply outstanding – they make the game very immersive without dragging too much attention.

Gameplay 9/10

The Secret Neighbor’s gameplay concept is not exactly original, but it manages to bring most of the genre's features together and make them work exceptionally well. You and five other players get into a creepy house full of dark rooms and gloomy hallways, and your goal is to rescue your friend from the basement. So you have to look for a couple of keys to unlock the door.

The interesting detail is that one of your party is the neighbor in disguise, and he will surely do anything to prevent you from succeeding. That makes the usual horror game more dynamic.

Controls 8/10

The controls are simple, and you can control your character with a mouse and a keyboard easily. However, it's strongly recommended to have a microphone, because Secret Neighbor makes in-game communication really crucial for the success of your party. The interface is also simple. There is only important and brief information on your screen, including your character's portrait, the skills you have and their remaining cooldown, and so on.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

The lasting appeal of this game is exceptional. While many multiplayer games rely on their social features to raise that, Secret Neighbor manages to add lots of unpredictable variables to that equation. The house stays the same, but the items are generated randomly each time you start a match, so there's always an element of exploring the present. That prevents games from being dominated by experienced players – but your skill matters, too.

Difficulty Level

The gameplay is immersive and intuitive, and the controls are comfortable, so you can learn to play this game really fast. However, mastering it requires lots of matches, because there are just so many different tactics, skills, and overall possibilities. But don't worry: if you find yourself stuck or unsure about how to play it, you can always look for a video about the game's basics.


Atmospheric and dynamic, Secret Neighbor opens a new dimension of a horror game genre, emphasizing communication and subtle tactics. We hope that this Secret Neighbor review was helpful and recommend you to play this unique horror game.

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 8

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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