Roblox review

Roblox is not the name of a single game, but rather a gaming universe or an endless virtual playground where kids come to have fun, playing what their peers have created or developing titles of their own. Download Roblox from Google Play to get instant access to the world’s largest collection of super-fun mini-games across various genres.

Graphics and Sound 7/10

In terms of their graphics and sound, Roblox games are very much hit-or-miss. Given how many amateur titles the platform accommodates, the quality of their visuals and audio varies greatly, depending on the aspiring developer’s skills and experience with crafting video games. Most of the products found here look graphically naïve and childish; slightly washed-out colors, all-blocky structures, and tunes that sound the same – but that is probably part of Roblox’s charm that makes it stand out so distinctly.

Controls 8/10

Roblox equips its users with plenty of tools, as well as design elements and useful tips to help the budding artists create their unique playable content. While interaction with the KBM-controlled desktop version of the Roblox universe is much handier, the Android game’s touchscreen controls also feel manageable and responsive once you have got the hang of it.

Gameplay 9/10

Roblox is an open-ended sandbox gaming experience filled with tons of user-generated playable content that ensures hundreds of hours of fun and busy creativity for kids aged 8 and older. It is centered around the idea of allowing children to explore multiple game worlds built by their peers and try their hand at crafting their very own multi-genre mini-games.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

Speaking about the appeal of Roblox in general, it is immense. With so many games to choose from and so many ways in which you can show off your creative side, it is no wonder this is one of the world’s most popular social gaming platforms with over 100 million monthly active players. That said, there are all sorts of trash games here whose replay value is dismally low.

The Bottom Line

When you download Roblox to your Android, you will see that this is a secure and well moderated virtual playground that allows anyone to explore their creative nature and adopt numerous useful skills that can easily pave the way for a future career in the gaming industry.


  • Roblox is a free and pretty straightforward platform that promotes creativity
  • A multimillion global community of players, artists, and developers
  • Most talented game creators can earn real money here
  • It is easily accessible from all devices
  • The game allows plenty of parental control options


  • Tons of lags and technical glitches in user-created games
  • You have to spend real money to customize your Roblox experience with unique plug-ins
  • The Builders Club subscription members have more privileges

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 9

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 8

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