Netflix review

Netflix is ​​an entertainment company, an online streaming theater, and a media content provider. The company produces films, series, and television shows. Today, it is the most popular streaming service. The app will give you the ability to watch newer and older favorite video content anywhere.

Interface 4/5

The application interface can be called intuitive, thanks to it, you will not have to dig into the settings for too long, but immediately start using the application as intended. First, you will be presented with posters of several series. You will have to choose the ones that you like best. The app needs to generate a list of recommendations. The home page is filled with recommendations based on your preferences. The top list can be a little odd, but the app adjusts as you use it. Standard categories include Popular, TOP for me, TV shows, Oscar-winning films. In the upper right corner, there is a search icon that will help you find something specific.

Content and features 4/5

Any video can be downloaded for further viewing without Internet access. To do this, click the appropriate icon to the right of a specific episode (for TV series) or the Download button next to a movie or cartoon. You won't be able to download a thousand TV series, cancel your Netflix subscription, and watch them for free for several years. You can change the language of dubbing or subtitles directly while watching a video by clicking the Audio & Subtitles button.

Netflix has a flexible recommendation system that works on the principle: the more, the better. You can use one app account on five different devices. At the same time, each user gets a personalized Netflix. Before you decide to watch a movie or TV show, you can watch the preview to be sure that this content will be interesting for you. One of the most valuable features is that you can watch video content offline after storing it to your device.

Usability 5/5

The application is easy to use and does not require a long setup. Netflix is ​​available in many countries and works on a wide variety of devices. And best of all, browsing sync is supported across all devices. That is, you can watch 30 minutes of a movie on TV, then launch Netflix on your smartphone and continue watching from the same moment, and end the viewing altogether in the browser on your laptop.

Compatibility 5/5

With the application, you can use the service from almost any gadget: Android and iOS smartphones, TV, tablets, computers, etc. The platform provides a synchronization function between all devices on which the program is installed. And due to notifications, avid moviegoers can stay up to date with the latest news, trailers, and new releases.

In-app Purchases

New users can try the service for free for one month and then decide on the type of subscription. The price of the plans is relatively small. The subscription price does not exceed the payment for cable TV. Plus, you not only get the ability to watch your favorite TV shows anytime you want but a ton of other privileges as well.


The main difference between Netflix and other streaming online cinemas is that the first creates its own content. Netflix is ​​available in most countries today. Every year the video service expands its audience. All new items from the world of cinema, TV series, and TV shows are broadcast through the online platform. Users can choose between different voice-overs and subtitles. The service has an excellent feature of a convenient search for content by genre, popularity, and many other filters.


  • The updates are relatively rare
  • Content may vary by country


  • Offline watching is available
  • Flexible recommendations system
  • Intuitive interface
  • The ability to share an account

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 8

Security 10

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