Minecraft review

Minecraft is a mobile and computer game with multiplayer mode and open world. The peculiarity of the game is in pixel graphics. The developers have made the visualization and texture as simple as possible to allow the player to fully interact with the world. The first version of Minecraft on PC was released back in 2011. Then a version for mobile devices and game consoles was added.

Gameplay 4 / 5

The name of the game consists of two words: "craft" and "produce". The developers planned to create a game with free mode, where you can fully interact with the world: mining, building structures, digging tunnels. The game locations are made in the form of blocks of different materials: land, glass, water, and others. Players use tools to build and interact with the landscape. Subsequently, the gameplay added online mode. Now hundreds of millions of players play on cards, build castles, and fight among themselves. Developers are constantly adding new and interesting content to the game.

Graphics 1 / 5

Minecraft has unique graphics that are based on large pixels. All items in the game, as well as characters and locations made of square blocks. This is done to reduce system requirements and allow the player to fully build his world, change locations, and interact with any objects. The game has no change of weather conditions or other visual effects. For example, any character consists of only 5 blocks: head, torso, two legs, and two hands. Blood and different effects are unrealistic. At first, such stylistics causes indignation and even laughter. But it does not prevent the game from attracting millions of fans.

Replay Value 4 / 5

Over a billion people have ventured into the world of Minecraft since its launch, revealing its captivating and replayable nature. During gameplay, user characters can face demise several times due to foes' attacks, though they are gifted multiple lives. Players can also regain health through personal crafting. However, a word of caution: every life loss robs you of previously gathered materials and gear.

Controls 4 / 5

The Minecraft gameplay is as simple as possible, so there are no management difficulties for the player. You can use your mobile device's touch screen, gamepad, or keyboard with a computer mouse to control your character. Individual keys or zones on the Touch Screen are responsible for interaction, equipment, and weapon selection.


Minecraft's free mode satisfies any player's needs in building and interacting with the world around it. Build castles, dig caves, defend or attack your opponents. It's fun and exciting. But remember that the game has no story, and the graphics will never be realistic.


  • Open world
  • Plenty of players
  • Unlimited opportunities to interact with the game world


  • The graphics are too simple
  • No plot and no story in the game

Graphics and Sound 3

Controls 8

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 8

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