Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor review

Hello Neighbor is a stealth game played from a first-person perspective. Navigating the key character, you will try to get into the neighbor’s basement during three acts. While the antagonist will do his best to prevent it and catch you. If you like complicated puzzles, you will get a sense of satisfaction here.

Visual Aspects 9/10

The game is well done running without much lugs but with some problems as to accurate performance of the tasks because of poor mechanics. The cartoonish visuals are bright and amazing. Mostly, the actions take place in the house. While you are playing its floor plan gets larger providing additional area for maneuvers. 

Difficulties with Controls 7/10

Though, the control scheme is not perfect, the controls themselves are simple. In most cases, you are expected to tap to perform action. Sometimes, you will be tapping several times to achieve the result. The reason is both in your skills, which should be polished probably, and in drawbacks of the mechanics. For instance, you can tap several times to pick up the thing you need. Also, your action may lead to the result you are not aimed at because there is a very slight difference between the moves.

Gameplay 10/10

The neighbor is known as Mr.Peterson. He wears mustache and behaves in a bizarre way. Moreover, strange noises are coming from his house and they make you curious. The more you try to figure out the nature of those odds, the more complicated the task becomes. 

The beginning of the game is rather difficult too. You will start with a small modest cottage, where you have no place to hide from its owner that is why it is rather complicated to penetrate inside avoiding observance. You should be ready to get caught frequently and start again. That can be frustrating and creates dull tension. You will feel fear of failure instead of a good horror thrill which should be when playing horror games. 

The puzzles are also too complicated. You may play it until your patience does not run out before you succeed. Be ready to face smart traps arranged by artificial intellect learning from your previous decisions and choices.

Thus, the replayability is very strong but the gameplay is not perfect. This game is not everybody’s cup of tea. Still, I’d recommend you to try it and even benefit from the available in-app purchases.


If you want to be confused by crazy puzzles where you can hardly find any solution using your logical thinking and if you need a time killer, you should try this horror game and tempt fortune. You can win! I believe in you!

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 9

Gameplay 6

Lasting Appeal 6

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