Gacha Life

Gacha Life review

Gacha Life is a roleplaying and dress-up game that brings players into the anime world in which they can create characters and place them in different situations. You can download Gacha Life for your Android or iOS smartphone and express your creativity with this fun game!

Graphics and Sound 9/10

Gacha Life is a game that has a traditional anime design. All the characters look like they have come straight from an anime – they have beautiful big eyes and colorful hairstyles. When you know that this is an anime-style game, the visuals shouldn’t surprise you. The game is colorful, bright, and creates a wonderful atmosphere that makes you want to play more and more.
When it comes to sound in this game, you will hear various cheerful soundtracks when dressing up your characters. The music and sounds in the game are appropriate for it and are not distracting or annoying.

Controls 10/10

The controls in this game are extremely simple and you don’t need any special skills to play Gacha Life. You need to tap on the screen to choose different clothes and accessories. The controls are intuitive so you will be able to start playing this game immediately upon installation.

Gameplay 9/10

The main thing to discuss in this Gacha Life review is its gameplay. In the game, you get to create your own anime characters and personalize them according to your taste. There are numerous options when it comes to clothes, hairstyles, and even weapons.

In the Studio mode, you can create various scenes to place your character. There are hundreds of backgrounds that you can choose from to come up with an interesting story. Once your character is ready, you can chat with characters in the game, explore various areas in the Life mode, and even play a variety of mini-games. When you win in mini-games, you will receive gems that give you a chance to get rare gifts. While the gameplay is quite simple, it is highly addictive and you can find yourself spending hours designing your anime characters. What is also great is that you can play offline.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

In terms of the lasting appeal, the game is definitely one of those that you can play more than once and still enjoy it. If you are into dress-up games, you will be able to choose different characters every time you play and design them whichever way you like. At the same time, this may get monotonous if you are not a fan of this genre.

The Bottom Line

Gacha Life is a fun and colorful game that is perfect for anyone who enjoys anime-style adventures and dress-up. It’s possible to create different scenes, interact with other characters in the game, and play mini-games to get gems and gifts. You can download Gacha Life whether you use an Android or iOS smartphone and see what you can come up with when playing this game.


  • Fun mini-games
  • Many opportunities to customize your character
  • Colorful anime design
  • Can be played offline


  • Can get monotonous
  • Design is not unique
  • Contains ads

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 10

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 9

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