Disney+ review

Walt Disney Studios' family library of the world is collected in a modern Disney+ application. Easy access to exclusive monthly film and TV news from anywhere with your personal device.

Interface 5/5

The dominant color of the application is soothing deep blue, emphasizing colorful interactive elements in 4K ultra HD quality. It consists of block parts: icons with the name of the recommended video content and entertainment brands are placed along the perimeter of the whole screen. In the toolbar, there are concentrated important functions for navigation: "Home", "Search", "Download", and an icon for a personal page with user data. Under each film, there is an information field with the title and description of the film, year of release, and playback time.

Content and features 4/5

Disney+ is more than 7000 episodes of TV programs and 500 movies designed in a concise application. The media library consists of the main Disney interactive brands: Walt Disney Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Pixar, 20th Century Fox, Disneynature, and Lucasfilm. To expand the range of video content on the channels, premiers are periodically released, designed exclusively for Disney + users. The application positions itself as a family entertainment service and does not accept R-rated films according to the American Film Association rating system.

Usability 5/5

The registration form is easy to complete and provides access in minutes. For comfortable use, there are features for watching movies and TV programs without advertising, with the ability to pause to update the snacks and soda. Disney+ supports "Kids Profile" with an option to restrict children's access to EM-7AM and G rated programs.

Compatibility 4/5

Owners of SMART TV, game consoles, Android, and Apple appliances and streaming devices will be able to access the application. At the moment Disney Plus is expanding the list of countries to access quality family content, the lucky ones are among the lucky ones: the USA, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, India, UK, Canada, etc.

In-app Purchases

You can pay for live entertainment content in the Disney+ app monthly or once per year. It's also possible to add Hulu and ESPN apps to your Disney+, saving money rather than connecting all services separately.


Thousands of people have not missed the opportunity to join the exciting HD reality since 2019. All over the world, users subscribe to Walt Disney Studios' vibrant, colorful experiences for children and adults with one application - Disney+.



  • Narrow profile application
  • Phased extension of the list of countries to access the annex


  • No advertising
  • Ability to view new products from Walt Disney Studios
  • Option to restrict children's access to films with EM-7AM, G and R categories

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 9

Security 10

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