YouTube TV Wins Right to Broadcast Most NFL Games in the US Next Year

YouTube is set to become the official broadcaster of NFL football games in the US starting next year, a major win for Google's subsidiary. The streaming service will pay an estimated $2 billion over seven years for the right to broadcast Sunday games on its subscription YouTube TV platform.

The agreement between YouTube and NFL comes as part of Google's effort to expand its streaming services and increase its presence in the sports market. This landmark deal allows viewers to access live broadcasts of NFL games through their existing YouTube TV subscription or on an a-la-carte basis via YouTube Primetime Channels. In addition, subscribers will have access to additional content such as post-game highlights and exclusive interviews with players and coaches. 

The news also marks a shift towards increased accessibility for sports fans who wish to watch live events without having cable or satellite subscriptions. The addition of NFL programming is sure to be met with enthusiasm by many viewers who are looking for more ways to watch their favorite teams play without breaking the bank. 

In order to make this possible, YouTube has partnered with several other companies, such as CBS Sports Network, Fox Sports Networks, NBC Sports Network, ESPN Deportes Network, and Univision Deportes Network, in order to stream all four major professional sports leagues in one place. This collaboration should allow viewers easy access across multiple platforms while still providing quality coverage from each network’s respective broadcasters. 

Overall, this partnership between YouTube and NFL represents an important milestone that emphasizes how streaming technology is becoming increasingly prevalent within the sports entertainment industry today. It offers greater convenience for those wishing to experience these events without having cable/satellite subscriptions, allowing them easier access across different platforms while still providing quality coverage from each network’s respective broadcasters.