TikTok Restricts Ads and Donations on Political Content in the App

In an attempt to prevent manipulation of public opinion, TikTok is now trying to minimize the influence of the political content in its app. The company is setting up some limitations when it comes to the monetization of the politically-affiliated accounts on the platform. The main restrictions include the elimination of the donations feature and also ad tools.

One of the major changes that TikTok has implemented is that politicians and any political groups should have verified accounts on the platform. This is done to prevent the potential spreading of misinformation and to make it obvious where specific information is coming from. According to TikTok, they will first roll out these changes in the United States, as they consider this update particularly important in face of the upcoming elections.

TikTok prohibited political advertising for a long time on the platform and now they decided to take it a step further. The company will now prohibit having political content in ads and there will now also be restrictions on an account level. Political parties and politicians will now notice that their advertising features have been switched off. The only exception when it comes to advertising is spreading important official healthcare messages.

Political fundraising will also be limited on the platform because TikTok decided to make it impossible for political accounts to accept tips and gifts in the app.

Such major changes are in line with the growing concerns around the use of social media for political purposes, so such restrictions will only continue to become more important over time.

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