Snapchat+ Adds New Customization Features

Snapchat is stepping up its app with the introduction of new features for Snapchat+, its paid subscription service. The app now allows users to customize their camera capture button, app icons, and more. It also has a “Chat Wallpapers” feature that allows subscribers to change their chat wallpapers. These new features are sure to make the experience on Snapchat even more enjoyable and personalized than ever before. 

The first of these new features is allowing users to customize the look and feel of the app by changing the camera capture button into a shape or color of their choice, such as a heart or soccer ball. This way, they can truly make it unique and personalize it, so it reflects who they are. They can also add custom backgrounds to their chats with the “Chat Wallpapers” feature, which was made popular by Meta's WhatsApp some time ago. With this feature, subscribers can choose from standard backgrounds available in-app or upload an image from their camera roll that will serve as a background for all chats in Snapchat+. 

Another great addition is that Snapchat+ subscribers now have the option to gift a subscription to a friend if desired. This means that you don't need to continually pay for your own subscription; you can just send one-off as a gift when needed! Of course, if you do decide to purchase your own plan, then there's no need to worry about any other costs since Snapchat+ only costs $3.99 per month - quite reasonable considering all these extra perks! 

Furthermore, there are multiple ways you can use these customization tools within Snapchap+. Not only do they let users create unique profiles, but they also enable them to build an engaging presence on social media – something that many people strive towards nowadays in order to stand out from the crowd! Moreover, businesses could benefit greatly from this new upgrade, too, as they'll be able to easily give away promo codes or discounts via customized chat wallpapers without having to spend too much money on marketing campaigns (which often require large budgets).  

All in all, Snapchat+'s latest update brings forth plenty of exciting opportunities for both individuals and companies alike! By introducing customizable features such as custom camera capture buttons and Chat Wallpapers along with a gifting subscriptions option – it offers yet another reason why existing subscribers should stay onboard, and prospective ones should definitely become part of this amazing community today!