Google's Meets Zoom with Meet, Making It Free… So Far

On Wednesday, Google made its move in the current escalation of videoconferencing rivalry. Its service Google Meet, previously available to G Suite subscribers, is now free for anyone with a Google account. Joining Meet conferences was free before, but starting one required subscription.

The target of this move is obviously Zoom, the videoconferencing service that grew especially big during the era of social distancing. It's Zoom that Google tries to outdo in anything, from security to user experience. Say, instead of 40-minute free calls on Zoom, Google offers 60-minute video calls.

The importance of the move is highlighted by the fact that Sundar Pichai, the current CEO, commented on the increasing number of new Meet users. There are 3 million new users a day, and the number keeps on growing!

And still, there's room for more. Zoom, despite all the scandals, keeps growing. Facebook enables Messenger Rooms, Microsoft rolls out Teams, WhatsApp allows more people in one video chat. The need for video conferencing will only grow these years, even after the threat is gone. And this means that we'll need more ways to reach each other.