WhatsApp Call Links Now Available

WhatsApp is a self-sufficient project with a clear mission and its straightforward practical implementation. It will hardly ever ‘weigh down’ your gadgets with useless tools. Still, when it comes to such must-have-since-the-pandemic software as video conferencing apps, WhatsApp is sure to provide you with the highest-quality functionality. Having said that, the popular IM app is in the process of testing its newly released Call Links feature. Stay tuned for more details. 

From fun sticker tools to group polls, WhatsApp caters to an array of its users’ needs both entertainment- productivity-wise. One especially vital recent feature known as Call Links was initially unveiled in the early fall. These days, it’s being made available for a wider audience. So, what does the feature entail? We’ll touch upon it without further ado.

The Call Links functionality allows you to organize calls by creating direct links and sharing them with recipients in a matter of seconds. Therefore, joining calls becomes a breeze for your contacts with this new feature. Currently, the desktop WhatsApp version doesn’t support the tool. Chances are this possibility will become available sometime soon. Overall, the feature is currently being launched to the app’s users on a larger scale.

You can generate an invite link for a new WhatsApp call in your Calls tab. Upon tapping on it, you are free to choose the call type (voice or video), as well as copy the link, send it to your contacts via the app, or share it via other apps.

Ambition-wise, this video conferencing-boosting feature elevates WhatsApp to the next level. However, there's still a lengthy road ahead before this IM service becomes a video call giant. So, what’s your opinion on all this? You’re welcome to leave your input in the comments below and get the discussion going.