The Best PlayStation 5 Games of 2023: Our Top Picks

The gaming world is constantly evolving, and the next generation of video games is here with the release of the Sony PlayStation 5. With its powerful hardware, improved graphics, and revolutionary features such as adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and 3D audio support - the PS5 has been able to bring a new level of immersion for gamers. This year we have seen some truly incredible games released on this platform. Here are our top picks for the best PlayStation 5 games in 2023! 

Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire Tokyo from Tango Gameworks was one of 2020’s most anticipated releases, and it didn’t disappoint. This action-adventure game takes place in a modern-day city that has been invaded by supernatural forces. Players must battle mysterious enemies while exploring a variety of locations, including temples, underground bunkers, and abandoned buildings, as they uncover secrets about Tokyo’s past. Featuring stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology combined with compelling story elements, this supernatural thriller might just be one of 2021’s hottest titles! 

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

Insomniac Games' Ratchet & Clank franchise is an iconic series that continues to evolve with each installment —and its first outing on PS5 could be its best yet! Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart promises to deliver intense action-platforming gameplay along with stunning visuals thanks to Ray Tracing support from AMD's RDNA 2 architecture. On top of that, there will also be exciting interdimensional travel mechanics which will allow players to traverse between different realities in order to progress through levels quicker than ever before! 

Far Cry 6

Ubisoft's Far Cry series returns once again with Far Cry 6 - bringing even more explosive open-world action for players to explore! Set within Yara – a fictional island nation inspired by Cuba – you'll take on the role of Dani Rojas, a local freedom fighter trying to liberate his people from dictatorship rule. Expect plenty of immersive environments packed with lush jungles, sprawling cities, and beautiful beaches alongside thrilling gunplay combat sequences like never before witnessed in previous entries within the franchise. 

God Of War Ragnarok

Announced at Sony's Playstation 5 event back in June 2020, God Of War Ragnarok is set several years after 2021's critically acclaimed reboot. Kratos returns as both mentor and father figure as he journeys alongside his son Atreus through Norse mythology-filled landscapes full of dynamic weather systems, enemy AI, destructible environments, environmental puzzles, upgradable weapons, expansive skills tree, amongst much more. It looks set that God Of War Ragnarok will push further boundaries when it comes to delivering stunning cinematic experiences come 2022/2023! 


Housemarque studio, who are well known for their excellent arcade shooters, have taken up Returnal, which sees you playing Selene; an astronaut trapped within some kind of alien planet where she relives her own death over again. With roguelike elements intertwined into every run, your equipped various weapons upgrade them while you scavenge resources to make sure to survive against a relentless number of foes, all while discovering secrets behind what happened on planet Atropos. Packed high-octane combat Returnal offers intense experiences not soon forgotten coupled with superb visual effects powered by Unreal Engine 4, making the title stand out crowd!

Demon Souls

FromSoftware has brought us Demon Souls remastered exclusively Playstation 5 system featuring a unique blend of RPG genres such great effect. Players assume the control protagonist is tasked with destroying cursed demons to save the kingdom of Boletaria. Complete quest given Maiden Black Eyes end evil terrorizing land deep engaging storyline full of surprises twists turns awaits those brave enough venture forth forge path victory against daunting odds like no other!  

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite marks the return of Master Chief following the events 2017 installment of Halo Wars 2. Developed 343 Industries ( makers previous installments) Microsoft Xbox Game Studios; Halo Infinite brings back classic FPS action fans love vibrant sci-fi universe updated graphics engine allowing the creation of larger worlds fully interactive environments destructible items objects plus brand new multiplayer mode featuring 24 player battles across wide range maps modes guaranteed create epic battles never experienced before powerhouse console like Playstation 5!  

Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition 

Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition brings together two popular superhero-based titles into a single package, namely the original 2018 version Marvel Spider-Man Remastered addition sequel Miles Morales edition released in late 2023, enhanced 4K resolution 60 FPS frame rate performance exclusive content alongside original game length making ideal choice gamers want to get hands latest iteration web-slinging adventures everyone loves so much!  
After weighing all these fantastic gaming options available for PlayStation 5 users this year– we believe that Demon Souls Remaster stands out due to its expansive story line intriguing RPG elements coupled with splendid graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking experience true next-gen adventure-filled exploration suspenseful combat situations then look no further than Demon Souls Remaster!