Keep Calm and Carry On: GTA VI Development Undisturbed by the Leak

Rockstar Games has always managed to keep the development of GTA games clandestine – until recently when an indeed big leak happened, exposing the gameplay and supposedly the voice actors. Yet the developer is sure this incident won’t affect the production of the game. No harm, they say, has been done to the production. So hope we, too.

The most massive leak in the franchise’s history happened in early September 2022 and led to many gigabytes of footage appearing online. The fans eagerly grabbed the files and explored them. For example, they even deanonymized the voice actors behind the protagonists well ahead of time. This could influence the prospects of the actors (everybody wants a rising star) and thus the future of the game.

But it’s not the case, says Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive. According to him, the leaks did not contain any sensitive information that spoils the narrative or somehow influences the production when exposed. The game will be developed the way it was, and that’s it.

It hasn’t been officially confirmed whether the actors heard in the videos are indeed Alexandra C. Echavarri and Bryan Zampella (though neither has it been refuted). The actors may be obliged by their contracts to keep from commenting their participance – or the fans may simply be wrong. As for the visuals, this version doesn’t have to be the final one.

The underage hacker responsible for the leak was allegedly arrested in London in September. Since that, there have been no further leaks or scandals. The footage in question was the only case. So, Rockstar (specifically, we dare assume, Rockstar North (Scotland, UK), the division responsible for all the latest GTA games) acts the most British way – keeps calm and carries on. And so does the publisher, Take-Two Interactive.

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