How to Access Closed Beta Testing of Valorant

One of the most awaited titles of 2020 is Valorant, a tactical multiplayer shooter that may probably top all the charts it enters. So far, it is available in beta testing, but only for chosen few. The good news is that you can enter this inner circle.

The method is simple: subscribe and watch. If you show your interest and your concern, you’ll be informed. Twitch is the place. Get there, watch streams by Riot Games, and wait for your chance.

It’s not this simple, of course. Along with the Twitch account, you’ll need to be registered at Riot Games. Enter the Riot Games website and connect your two accounts. Then enter Twitch and watch Valorant streams by those lucky ones who are already in. The more time you spend watching it, the higher your chances of joining the testing are. It’s all about drops!

Search for streams marked with “Drops Enabled.” The streamers can give you drops that provide access to the test. As soon as you catch the drop, you’ll be granted access. Remember that multiple or background streams won’t help you, as the drop has to be caught manually as it appears. We have to warn you that your chances aren’t high: among the 1.5M twitchers watching Valorant, only a few will get the desired drops.