Google Contacts Introduces Birthday Notifications and Fast Date Entry

Google Contacts is enhancing its features by rolling out birthday notifications and encouraging users to add their contacts' birth dates. This new addition aims to provide users with helpful reminders across various Google services and improve their overall experience.

Once the birthday notifications are available on a user's device, they can access the feature through the Highlights tab in Google Contacts. Under the "For you" section, an "Add birthdays" card will be displayed, prompting users to save their contacts' birthdays for easy access and reminders on their birthday calendar.

Upon tapping the "Add birthdays" option, users will be directed to a list user interface (UI) that has been optimized for quick and efficient data entry. This interface displays a cake icon next to contacts who do not have a birthday saved, allowing users to easily identify and input the missing information. The date entry process involves scrolling through options for the month, day, and year of each contact's birthday.

However, it is currently unclear how users can return to this interface once they have removed the "Add birthdays" card. As Google continues to develop and refine its services, more information and updates may be provided to address this concern and further enhance the user experience.

In conclusion, Google Contacts' birthday notifications and fast date entry features aim to improve users' organization and engagement with their contacts. By providing helpful reminders and a streamlined process for adding birth dates, Google is demonstrating its commitment to enhancing its services and catering to user needs.