An Easy Way To Level Up Professions In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

The launch of World of Warcraft’s expansion, Dragonflight, brought a unique quest skip to the game. This useful little feature allows players to quickly level up their professions by bypassing part of the quest line in the Artisan’s Consortium. However, it was only available for a short period before disappearing from the game once more – until now! 

After your first character has completed all quests in the Dragon Isles branch of Artisan’s Consortium, alternate characters are given the option to skip ahead and turn in a Dragon Shard of Knowledge instead. Doing so will instantly grant them one point toward their chosen profession and save them some time during their leveling process.  

According to Wowhead, this useful WoW feature returned recently after having been gone for quite some time since its launch alongside Dragonflight itself. However, you can only take advantage of it once, and it is only available if you already have at least level 60 and skill 1 in any gathering or crafting profession within the Isle's boundaries. 

Using this quest skip is rather easy – just talk to Haephesta and tell her that you have already met Khadin; she will then provide you with the necessary knowledge points without making you go through any further quests or tasks related to her objective down on the island itself. 

With this convenient method back in play again after its disappearance from WoW not too long ago, players should definitely find themselves spending less time grinding professions across multiple alts thanks to this helpful little workaround!