Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video review

Amazon Prime Video is a mobile app for immersion in your favorite movies, TV series, and shows. The developers have created a new version of the pocket theater for users around the world.

Interface 4/5

The primary interface colors are blue, white, and black. The small logo in the left corner shows the involvement of a large global company, "Amazon", whose services are used by millions of people. The main page is filled with recommendations in tile format for clarity, according to personal preferences. Amazon Prime Video menu consists of several categories: personal information, playlists, and payment, settings. Also, the menu has a search bar with filters to sort video content according to your wishes.

Content and features 5/5

Amazon Prime Video updates the base with novelties and popular classics. The main film is filled with subcategories "Popular movies", "Amazon Original movies", "Educational kids TV", "Stand-up comedy movies", "Relive top 2019 MLB games," and others.

In the application, there is a possibility to watch cartoons, novelties in the sphere of cinema, comedy, and sports shows. A separate advantage is given to those who like watching films in the original. The presence of subtitles makes it easy to learn a new language with the help of a movie.

It is possible to create parties on the theme of watching movies - Watch party. The option includes the ability to create a chat with friends with a capacity of up to 100 users and simultaneously watch a video, share impressions.

Usability 5/5

The concise interface allows you to concentrate with ease, saving you time in selecting. The application is designed for adults, teenagers, and children. In the absence of the Internet, you can download your favorite movie or TV series directly to your device. Video upload also means traffic control.

Compatibility 4/5

The application is designed for Android, iPhone, IPad, specific Smart TV series, i.e., it is available to all user categories. The design changes significantly depending on the device type but retains its properties as informative and easy to navigate. There is a limit on connections - no more than three users from different devices at a time.

In-app Purchases

Ease of payment is considered a positive feature of the application. Amazon Prime Video offers one of the options to pay for your subscription: monthly or annually. When subscribing, the user confirms his bank card, which is automatically debited monthly or yearly. Users pay selectively, only for those categories and channels that they view.


Amazon Prime Video competes with its existing counterparts in the online video service market. Due to its lightness and speed, it outperforms users' demands and provides a large field of possibilities for the modern person. It is convenient to choose and pay for only the services used.


  • A limited number of members for one account
  • Functional limitation and payment amount differs depending on the geolocation of the country


  • Adapted application for all types of devices
  • Unique "Watch party"
  • Continuous updating of video content
  • The ability to manage payments

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 10

Security 8

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